I'M JAYMIE♥.AUSTRALIAN & PROUD♥! I LOVE 5SOS, ONE DIRECTION, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Cody Simpson (I met Cody at Justin's Believe Tour in Adelaide 05/12/2013)♥ I've been here from the start and there is no turning back now I'll never leave and no one will ever be able to make me I'm dedicated and I plan to stay dedicated to them all, they inspire me to work harder at my dreams & hopefully I meet them all one day no matter how long I have to wait for that day to come it will be worth every second of it, they are all worth the wait♥❤️


I can’t explain how much I love Close As Strangers. We’ve almost all had someone who we’ve felt ourselves drifting from and we almost all know that horrible pit you get in your stomach when you can’t come up with the words to make them stay. You ask them if it’s over, if it’s worth it but you…


Listening to the leaked songs from the American 5SOS album. 

Realizing how much their voices have changed and how their new sound is so rocky. 

Discovering that these are the last new songs from the album to listen to and we have no idea when they will release new music. 


Michael’s voice in the beginning of Close as Strangers makes me want to

Yup, that ^


Mrs All American was leaked

All Target Exclusive songs leaked less than 24 hours later

Album comes out in the US in less than three days

5SOS on the Today Show on Tuesday

5SOS announcing a US tour soon

5SOS at the VMAs

5SOS at the Teen Choice Awards



This is a traumatic time for the 5SOS fam…